Food Find: Estella’s Pantry Dried Fruit Cobbler Blend

On Sunday morning I ran into Costco to grab a couple items – Kirk was out in the van with the sleeping baby – so I didn’t have a shopping cart. It was a move fast trip. Organic olive oil and organic quinoa. Don’t look at anything else. Focus here Sarah! And then, like feet from where I was supposed to be I see a new item:

And hey, what is that? Darn you eyes.  I couldn’t resist. I am a sucker for dried fruit. Dried rhubarb? Oh hello! So I jammed a bag into my arms and then checked out wondering if I had just picked something good or a stinker (I call it the $10 Costco Gamble – you never know but for less than $10 I’ll take a chance!).

Estella’s Pantry Dried Fruit Cobbler Blend is just that, all the best parts of a tasty cobbler but in dried fruit form. Thick, moist pieces of fruit enrobed in sugar. It is a dried fruit addicts worse nightmare. So rarely does a product look like the photo on the company’s website, but yowza, this stuff does:

Apple and peach slices, halves of plums (no prunes here) and strawberry flavored rhubarb wedges. Nothing artificial, all colors added are fruit and vegetable extracts with a tiny bit of sunflower oil.

Delicious! PS: They even have a recipe online for making a fruit cobbler with the fruit.



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