A Day On The Water

My In-Laws are out visiting so we decided to visit the Ballard Locks again (I think we went there in 2004 or so with them last). The weather was perfect today, sunny, blue skies and moderately warm. On the locks it was a bit cold from the wind but no complaints about that. We did get to see a few early Salmon on their run coming through the fish ladders, it was a treat to see them and Walker was so happy. The nicest part is the whole area is very stroller friendly, it was a breeze to push Walker through the park.

Walker and I:

The version of the photo I loved…except for the kid photobombing us in the corner:

We went for a walk through the botanical garden – nearly everything was in bloom. It was very pretty and smelled wonderful.

As we came back across the locks they closed down one side to let ships through – it was all pleasure craft and there were a number of very large boats included. Walker got very excited watching the boats come through below him.

Looking across the park towards the locks:

After visiting the park and locks we drove down to the open water, to Ray’s Boathouse, and had lunch up in the café. We sat inside to keep Kirk and Walker out of the sun but did snag a corner table with a full view of the water. I tried the Ray’s Smoked Tofu – it was well done. Creamy smooth tofu blocks infused with flavor on an udon noodle salad. Walker shared the tofu with me and then helped Grandma eat her King salmon. Someone was hungry! Kirk had to jump on a business call during lunch so after we ate we enjoyed the view across the water to the Olympic Mountains:

There was a number of kayakers and paddle boarders out – it was the perfect day for being outside.

Walker sitting with Grandpa:

Birdies below us in the water:



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