Customer Service Emails That Make Your Teeth Grind

This past weekend I had an unpleasant experience – we had been traveling a lot due to my In-Laws being in town and Walker’s diaper bag had gotten low. We were an hour from home, he was thirsty and all I had was my backup stash of juice bottles. Walker isn’t using a cup yet well and I definitely don’t let him in the van – sealed containers only where he cannot spill. On Friday I had run into the grocery store and picked up a 4 pack of organic apple juice – it takes me awhile to go through them, I only have the juice in the van (and the babies backpack for hiking), as a last ditch backup (we don’t have juice at home). Well…much to my surprise Gerber had changed the bottle style without making any notice of this on the packaging! And …yeah….the extra collar/nipple I had in his diaper bag didn’t fit anymore. Sigh. Got to listen to a wailing baby all the way home. Yeah, that was fun.

I emailed Gerber and asked them about it….and got a somewhat condescending reply back 2 days later:


Thank you for your e-mail concerning Gerber® Organic Apple Juice.

All Gerber 4 oz juice bottles have a new smaller mouth and cap design. The new mouth design was created to pour juice directly into a cup or to drink from an open bottle not to accommodate a nipple. A nipple should not be placed on the top of the container as infants and toddlers should never be given juice to suck through a nipple. Only from an open container. Early childhood dental decay is thought to be the result of sucking juice from a bottle. This tooth decay often happens before the teeth erupt and also known as baby bottle tooth decay or nursing bottle syndrome.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call us at 1-800-4-GERBER and refer to file number (removed).

Best wishes from your friends @

Really? Because When I went to Gerber’s website I see this:

Each 4 fl. oz. bottle of GERBER Juice is an excellent source of Vitamin C, a Protective Antioxidant that is an essential building block of your baby’s natural defense system. GERBER Juice is convenient to keep on hand in your pantry. Each bottle only requires refrigeration after opening. Toss a few 4 fl. oz. bottles of GERBER Juice and a sippy cup into your diaper bag for when you’re on the go. Because they come in plastic bottles, you won’t have to worry about them breaking.
So Gerber…tell me please how a sippy cup is better than a bottle top? Reason being is most sippy cups are barely anything more than a bottle these days! All the ones that Walker uses at home have nearly nipple like tops!

What steams me most is that had I known the packaging was changed I wouldn’t have bought it! I wasted $3.19 on that 4 pack that is now useless to me as a drink backup for when we are traveling.




  1. Another Mommy says:

    Thanks for your post! I thought I was going crazy. 3 years ago with my first daughter, the lids fit fine. I try them last week with my new baby, they don’t fit. I couldn’t figure it out. How annoying they changed the bottles!! But thank you for posting it so I don’t have to try to figure out what happened anymore… now I know!

  2. I also just had the same issue with gerber 4oz juice bottles when I started giving juice to my second child. I’m sad to hear Gerber’s response to you. If I am supposed to pour it into a cup anyways, why would I go through the trouble of buying the 4oz bottles!?!? Fortunately, I have some hoarding tendencies, and I saved some of the juice bottles from when my two year old drank out of them a year and a half ago.

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