So Excited!

After a number of years I am getting close to seeing a lot of my dental work done. Back when my husband and I got married he took it upon himself to take care of my teeth – something I am very grateful for. To say the least my parents never took my brother and I to a dentist when growing up. Granted in the late 70’s/80’s that wasn’t as odd as it would now be. What saved me is that I did brush my teeth well and had strong teeth.

Anyhow, most of my teeth were able to be saved, although I lost 3 molars, 1 on my upper, 2 on my lower jaw. I had the first two taken out not realizing I had a bad dentist, who didn’t try to save them (on top of that he also took out the wisdom tooth in that row so I had 3 yanked in one sitting). It was pretty awful, he chipped bone out my jaw. After that I wised up and found a better dentist – I didn’t realzie at that point that the fancy new office wasn’t better than the not-so-showy office I go to now. The third tooth was removed by a periodontist, meaning that while I paid a lot more it was done quickly and without damage. Working with my current dentist he did what he could, removed all the bad stuff in my teeth, did some root canals, had a crown installed. It took a year or so to get that done, many visits. We got to the point where Kirk asked me if I wanted braces. I never thought I would have straight teeth. January of 2008 I had them put on, they came off last summer. The orthodontist worked around all my missing teeth – which wasn’t easy. In January this year we started my implants. They started the single tooth first so that I will have one solid side to chew on. Today I had what should be the last appointment with my periodontist (for now) and headed to my dentist right after. I had the final part of my first implant installed and then they took the measuring for my crown that will go on it.

It is neat really, the procedure wasn’t that bad either. The doctor was very gentle and explained everything. I sat through the drilling for the screw with only Novocaine and didn’t need anything more. They let it heal for about 4 months with a collar over the internal screw. The x-rays looked good on Tuesday so we got appts coordinated for today. Then they screwed in the drop down and now I sport a tooth colored rubber cap on it till I get my fancy tooth added (sigh! 2 weeks waiting time!).

My next set won’t be as easy, I must have bone grafting to repair the damage by that dentist 5 years ago. They kept my remaining wisdom teeth in to harvest (freaky….) and then if that takes I will have the two implants added.

So it was a fun if nervous morning. I love smiling now! Even my Aunt who I hadn’t seen in a few years saw me recently and said “You had braces!” πŸ˜€

PS: The best thing about modern dentistry? Ford is 13 and has had ZERO cavities! It has been wonderful to offer him a chance at what I didn’t have.



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