Fats are not always your enemy – it is what you choose though

Recently I was reading a blog entry about how one needs to be wary of ingredients such as chia seeds, flax seeds, nuts, etc due to the fat in them. The writer was following Weight Watcher principles where the seeds and nuts were high in points it seemed (I have no idea how this works though, I have never used WW) due to the fat.

The sad part is that those seeds and nuts are truly good for you – they are tiny powerhouses of nutrients. We need to embrace them, not fear them due to their fat content.

And that comes down to something – when you can get food in its whole form, so much the better. When one adds sesame, chia, flax seeds to meals they are getting the heart healthy oils but also the fiber and vitamins. When you eat nuts you are powering your body again – nuts are very high in needed vitamins. Both seeds and nuts contain fiber (your friend to lower cholesterol) as well. Are nuts low-fat? No and they shouldn’t be! Again, the fat is good for you. It has the “good” fats – polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. Those same seeds and nuts are full of Essential Fatty Acids (your friends Omega 3, 6 and even 9).

Now having said that you shouldn’t be chowing down like crazy on the nuts – although it isn’t as easy to munch on raw nuts as it is roasted ones (taste/texture). Making seeds and nuts a daily occurrence is a good thing though. They give satiety, letting you fill up faster and you don’t get hungry as soon after. Seeds have their own way of telling you enough is enough – lets just say with a steady diet of them you won’t suffer from constipation! A diet rich in fiber (soluble) and healthy oils can lead to eating less and losing weight without trying.

Having said that you should eat raw or dry toasted seeds and nuts and not highly processed roasted/fried in oil/smothered in salt, sweeteners and MSG. Buy only cold pressed and virgin oils for cooking with. Buy the best you can afford and enjoy your food!

I am using so many seeds and nuts now that 1/3 of my refrigerator is packages of them (keep them cold for best life). I buy much of it at Costco, where the turn over is rapid. I grind them right before using for best results as well. While our morning oatmeal cooks I run a Tablespoon of chia seeds through my mill and 2 Tbsp of pecans or walnuts through my mini food chopper. A hearty bowl of oatmeal for the two of us that keeps us powered till noon! I might sprinkle finely chopped nuts on top of dinner – instead of say seasoned breadcrumbs or cheese.


Disclaimer – this is not medical advice. Take my thoughts, go do your research and come up with your own opinion. Ask your health care provider what they think about oils, seeds and nuts – especially if you have cholesterol or blood pressure issues. You might be surprised that you can enjoy them and even lose weight – while you do your heart some help.



  1. Love this post and your blog generally. Its nice to hear someone talking about food in a way that says its good for you and not a monster to be scared of. I like what you have to say and your attitude! Best wishes x

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