Shopping Finds: Mama Luvs Diaper Organizer

When we moved to our town one thing I was always bummed about was a lack of a farmers market. Having lived on an island with multiple markets (all on different days) it was always odd there wasn’t one. Well, finally enough concerned citizens got together and in 2009 our town finally got our own market. I have made it a point to go most Saturdays during the season – after all if we don’t support it won’t matter that people worked hard for it. And in the 3 seasons it has grown and become a nice market – with more potential every week!

This past Saturday I came across a vendor I hadn’t seen before, Mama Luvs, and in chatting with one of the owners I ended up picking up a couple of their products to try. It was their first time visiting the local farmers market (they are normally at one a few miles away).

The diaper organizer is simple in its design:

I had looked for something a bit nicer in style than my current “worn out gallon freezer bag full of diapers” stuffed into Walker’s diaper bag in the van. The pretty fabric was in the same tones as my diaper bag for an extra bonus….

With diapers:

They sell online as well and one can get a custom look as well. They are US made (in talking to the owner she sews many of them and they have other mothers who sew for them as well).


PS: See here for my review of their neat sandwich bags as well.



  1. Jane Hashash says:

    I got two in “boy” patterns and my 7 and 10 year olds use them for sleepovers and camp for thier toothbrush/toothpaste. It is nice just being able to throw them in the washer to get out all the toothpaste mess.

  2. Jane, that is a great use for Mama Luvs products that I never thought of! I carry Mama Luvs monkey-themed bags in my store and everyone loves them!

    • OK, I had to click through and see your shop – oh wow. Everything Monkeys? Don’t let the toddler hear about it! We live down the road, will have to see the shop next time the husband is in Redmond!

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