Food Find: Natural Vines Red Licorice

I grew up on Red Vines licorice and it was one of my favorite candies until I was told to quit consuming artificial dyes – it was one of the hardest things to realize I would never eat again – so when I was offered to review Natural Vines, an all natural Strawberry flavored licorice I was excited. Natural Vines is made by American Licorice who is behind Red Vines, a PNW based company that is coming up to its 100 year anniversary soon.

The candy is in bite size chunks, has a soft/chewy texture, is pleasantly sweet (nowhere as sweet as regular red licorice) and satisfying.I’d call the texture a cross between a Red Vine and a Twizzler. The hearty wheat base of the Vine and the glossy candy side of Twizzler. The pieces are solid and you only need a couple to cure a sweet tooth.

It contains: Wheat flour, cane syrup, sugar, brown rice syrup, palm oil, malic acid, natural strawberry flavor, beet juice (coloring), glycerin, licorice extract. So while it is still junk food, it is at least junk food I can eat 😉 And it is very delicious as well!




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