Sunday Afternoons Hats

Kirk and I had been looking for a hat for Walker to wear when we hike and/or are outside. Walker has a large head (runs in the family!) so none of the infant/toddler hats fit well and the older toddler/young child hats didn’t have chin straps, meaning he could toss them off.

Finally, after a long search I found the Sunday Afternoons line of hats at REI. They make the Kid’s Play Hat in 4 sizes – Infant, Baby (6-24 months), Child (2 to 5 years) and Youth (5 to 9 years). The Child and Youth have mesh inserts along the back and sides for more ventilation, the Infant and Baby ones are solid fabric. Walker was right on the edge of the Baby and Child. Knowing that he would probably outgrow the Baby in a couple of months (it was nearly snug) we went for the Child, which has a great system in the back for snugging down.

So the Child is still a bit big on Walker but it covers him and provides lots of sun protection, especially at altitude. And of all the hats tried he seems happy with it and doesn’t spend his time trying to pull it off.

Plenty of drape down the back:

The fabric is UPF 50+ and the 3 smaller sizes feature an easy to use “Smartlock” for adjusting the chin strap. And more so the hat weighs nearly nothing, an impressively light 1.8 ounces meaning it won’t add to the already overloaded burden of carrying gear for a baby!



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