Jet Blended Ice Coffee Mixes

Awhile back I quit buying frappe mixes due to the rampant use of hydrogenated oils (and highly processed tropical oils) . Don’t me wrong though I loved the mixes – for a fraction of the cost of going to an espresso hut (or Starbucks) you can easily make delicious drinks. But the bad oils had stopped me and I had been stumped in finding any vaguely better options. We had popped into a Cash N’ Carry store (which in the PNW carry everything an independent espresso hut could need) and saw something that grabbed my attention – blended coffee mixes (bases) that were without bad oils! Well hello!

Jet’s line is pretty impressive, with 10 flavors to choose from. Cash N’ Cary sells them locally for $11.99 for a 3 lb bag which is 34 servings (although really I cut that in half since most people like a Grande serving). Normally I’d suggest Amazon for buying on…but yikes Amazon sells the same stuff for $18-22 a bag!

With all the mixes (bad oils or not) they are easy to prepare. Mix, milk, ice and a good blending. I like adding espresso shots personally, although instant espresso powder added works well.And the dry mix is shelf stable for about 18 months giving it a long life.



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