Baby Food Find: Earth’s Best Fruit Yogurt Smoothie

Last weekend I was at Target and noticed they had a new line of Earth’s Best products for babies and toddlers – they are finally getting into the squeeze packet market (about time!). Even though Walker is now 16 months old I still carry the various brands in the van, the food is great for quick snacks and meals. With him being older I don’t need a spoon anymore, he happily squeezes them into his mouth. Have to love that! Amongst the many new flavors I noticed a couple of Smoothie ones so I picked up one to try, the Strawberry Banana flavor. The smoothies ones have been around for some time, I just hadn’t seen them before! There are 5 flavors so lots more to try out soon.

Yogurt and fruit juice? Perfect. He hoovered it down quickly. A satisfied toddler makes a happy mommy!




  1. You know, since we’ve been having such a hard time eating anything (by “we” I mean my daughter… I, on the other hand, eat cake like there’s no tomorrow) I think we should try this stuff out. She might like the actual sucking thing more than the food itself!

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