Well…..At Least I Went

This weekend was my 20 year high school reunion. I waffled and didn’t go to the Friday night social (it was at a bar and it would have been hard to get there in time with Kirk’s work). So yesterday Kirk drove me up to The Island where I spent my last 2½years in high school for the Saturday night dinner, which was held at the local golf course/country club.

I am glad I went.

I went to my 10 year one as well – but this one was more nerve-wracking for some reason. But within a few minutes I relaxed and actually saw people I did want to see – and enjoyed catching up. Even finding out that one person I knew no works just miles from where I live. So you never know!

There was some weirdness I suppose as well. But overall it was much nicer than the 10 year one. And I don’t drink anymore, haven’t in a couple of years so you can really observe so much more when you are sober….hah!

But better to go than not and then wonder what you might have missed!

A long drive though and we didn’t get home till nearly midnight!



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