For Sale: Like-new Ergo Performance Carrier

Update – the carrier has been sold. Yay!

Last spring I picked up an Ergo Performance Carrier for Walker. I had hoped it would work for us for hiking and other trips but he never took to it. I have only tried it a couple of times at this point, it has never seen outdoor use – it sat in the Stow n’ Go bin of our minivan the whole time as a “if the car breaks down I have a carrier”. I think Walker never liked it because he couldn’t face it, he didn’t like any front carrier until he could face out in my two Bjorns and then he was fine.

I bought the Ergo at Merry Go Round Kids in Bellevue, which is a licensed retailer of Ergo.

Anyhow, he is not going to use it so I am looking to sell it so I can buy a different front carrier (a different Bjorn) when the next baby comes. I am asking $75 plus $15 for shipping and insurance (shipped Priority) and I take Paypal (should you feel weird…I ship a lot for my business). If you are interested drop me a line at sarah at trailcooking dot com (gotta keep those pesky spam-bots away!)  (If wondering the retail is $135 for the carrier)

I know a lot of women love the Ergo, but for me it just never clicked. Ah well!



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