When I was pregnant with Walker I picked up a Bellaband. I don’t remember where I got it (I think it was via Amazon Ingrid & Isabel Women’s Maternity Everyday Bellaband) but I ended up not using it, simply I had gotten it too late in the pregnancy and then I worked hard to wear my non-maternity pants quickly after (thankfully I had kept some pants that had been a size too big). I never liked the wearing of unbuttoned pants under a band, no thanks. But I kept the band just in case.

This time around though the Bellaband has been great. By 7 or so weeks in I had to start wearing maternity pants. The bloat was really uncomfortable this time. The Bellaband shined in holding up too loose pants. Before I dug it out I was constantly pulling up my pants (especially my jeans) and getting droopy butt look. As soon as I put the band on my pants stayed up. What is also nice is the band gives a seamless look. I have it in black so if it peeks out no one knows what it is, it looks like a camisole. And it covers the full belly panel of my pants (I prefer that style, cannot stand the under belly pants). Add in that those stretch panels are khaki and nearly sheer in color it is nice to have a cover, no showing off my underwear if I have to pull up my pants! But most of all it gives a smooth look and I have found my clingy shirts lay better!

I am sure in a couple of months I won’t need it for holding up my pants, for now I am enjoying it.



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