Morning Appointment

I had an appointment with my OB this morning and if I have learned anything about doctor offices it is this: get in as early as you can in the day! No one else wants an 8 am appointment and if you take that you get seen even without waiting out in the waiting room. Go at 11 am and you might wait 15-30 minutes out there and then cool your heels in the exam room for another 30 minutes! So we get up early, lil’ Walker and I 😉

My blood pressure was amazing this morning – I get complimented when it is good (and by good that means it is where a normal person has theirs!) so the tweaking of my BP meds seems to be holding, which we did the same with Walker’s pregnancy.

A weird thing I have noticed is that I am nowhere as hungry this pregnancy as I was with Walker. Not sure why either, it makes me wonder though, could I be carrying a girl? Not that I put much stock in that though 😉 I’ll find out soon enough and then know! I had actually lost a bit of weight, about half a pound in the last two weeks. The heat of late during the day hasn’t made me very hungry either. Who knows, come fall and winter and I am sure I will grazing once again. And I have watched my weight gain as well. Pregnancy is no excuse for eating loads of crap either – porking out no matter what isn’t ever a good idea!

I had an ultrasound this morning as well, my OB has decided I have an Anterior Placenta (ie..just means my placenta is in the front), which means it is very hard to pick up the baby’s heart beat with the doppler until he/she is much older. Oh boo-hoo, I get an US every visit until then? I’ll suffer through. Somehow. CoughCough. Well at least the US’s are in office so I don’t get charged extra, Walker had so many in the second half of his pregnancy with the outside US office that it wasn’t cheap by any means.

We also set up my appointment to see the Fetal-Maternal OB for my 20 week US, same as with Walker. It is comparative to the standard 20 week anatomy scan (US) most women have, just more in-depth and it takes a lot longer (we had one with Walker as well) and then we meet the F-M OB for a long appointment where we talk about the scan. It always makes me scratch my head in ways. When I was 23/24 and pregnant with Ford ultrasounds were uncommon, I didn’t even have a 20 week scan. It wasn’t until I developed Preeclampsia at the start of my 7th month and I left my midwife for her backup OB that I even saw an actual office and I had an US to check on the placenta. Things are different I suppose when one gets over 35. But I suppose that more intensive health care is a better thing than being ignored. So I don’t complain!!

And I got more photos today 🙂 This one was my favorite showing the backside:

Walker was a good boy at the appointment and afterwards was trying to mooch off my frappe:

Walker has been bummed though. Ford started school yesterday and is in Junior High now. He gets home so early now so it is right after Walker’s nap. But does he miss Ford during the day!




  1. What a beautiful boy , and congrats on the baby on the way! 🙂

  2. I love early morning appts! You’re right – in & out – no waiting! My BP would rise if I had to wait longer than I should have…more nerves than anything though!

  3. So glad that you are doing so well!! I enjoy your posts so much!!

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