Of Overpriced Strollers to Junk Strollers

I was in a quandary about what to do after Walker’s jogger stroller fell apart a couple of weeks ago. While I could have repaired it to at least work I had lost all my confidence in that stroller – I would have ended up waiting for the other side to fall apart! I went back to REI and they warrantied it, taking it and the accessories back (the toddler bar/car seat adapter and the handlebar console). For anyone who remembers his stroller, well it wasn’t cheap and that what was more ticked me off – I had paid good money to have a functional stroller that wouldn’t have issues! Considering the return was over $500 that says something.

My back up plan was to put together the bike trailer that had a jogging wheel, which we had picked up from Costco. The trailer was lopsided. Really?? Lopsided! I took that back to Costco just feeling very let down. At that point all I had was a horrid $45 small “trunk” stroller – the “it isn’t a n umbrella stroller but pretty close to one” that we keep in the van for quick shopping trips. I couldn’t take Walker out for strolls. My mood was pretty black to say the least. Add in that I didn’t want to buy another big stroller. In a couple of months I will need a double stroller so why invest the money on a single? I just needed something to get me through.

So I ended up on Craigslist and after watching for a couple of days I saw an old jogging stroller pop up for $20. Kirk drove me out to the ladies house in the boonies and I bought it. It came filthy and with 3 flat tires – but I knew it had another life left. Oddly enough it was nearly the same model I used for years when Ford was little! I’d hedge the stroller is a decade old give or take. It was a branding that the InStep stroller company made and sold through Sears (Ford had the InStep branded 5K one). Funny is Ford’s was even the same color! $20 was fair for it and in an hours time or so I had it clean (I used wipes to get it clean and then left it in the sun for an hour to finish baking it.) Pumped up the three tires and they were fine (still holding fine a week later). That had been my fear that I would need to replace the intertubes so that was nice).

The one thing I did keep was keep the BOB Warm Fuzzy from the returned stroller – it fits fine into the “new” one and hey…it is very cozy. It makes the junk stroller a bit more attractive I say πŸ˜‰

Shocking the clear window was still in good shape:

Walker checking it out:

The woman I bought the stroller from had the all-weather cover as well. I gave it a good scrub and let it dry over a chair outside and it is like new now. I remember buying one of those for Ford’s stroller back in 2000 or so and it cost me $20! So getting the cover was a bargain!

The stroller does have limited storage (but the stroller is also so light I can pick it up with one hand!), it only has a small under the seat pocket. So I picked up on Amazon an add-on parent console so I would have a place for water bottles, keys, etc. I wasn’t so sure how nice it would be, Jolly Jumper Stroller Caddy – Stroller Handlebar Organizer, but it is well-built actually.

Once cleaned and pimped out I took the stroller out for a good walk and it worked just fine. Did it look as nice as the old stroller? Well no. But then I also had only spent $35 on it total. But it still did exactly what I needed and we got outside. That for me was an awesome feeling!




  1. Talk about a bargin!

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