Instant Baby Food Find: NurturMe

A couple of weeks back I was in Babies ‘r Us and saw these:

8 dry packs of dehydrated baby food, ready to add water/breast milk or formula to when needed, organic food and recyclable packaging. NurturMe isn’t cheap though – it is around $10 for 8 packets, making them $1.25 each which is about the going price for the ready-to-eat squeeze packets but still about double what a 2 ounce glass jar of food sells for (although to be fair the organic glass jars can be 90 cents or higher at times). So it isn’t cost prohibitive though if looked upon as a luxury item. It makes 2.5 ounces of food so these work best for smaller babies or those with smaller appetites. They have 4 varieties to choose from, 3 vegetable, 1 fruit.

Another option in the dehydrated baby food is my (and Walker’s!) favorite, Miles Outside and are more hearty meals that are gluten-free, organic and are a bit more affordable at $1 a meal (and are larger meals I might add).

Anyhow, it is always nice to see new items on the market for babies, especially food that is easily packed for plane rides, car trips and for hiking/backpacking!




  1. My 7 month old LOVES this stuff. Caught my eye, too, recently at BRU so I checked them out online. Their site has a coupon so you can get a box of 8 for 8.99. Bought all 5 flavors – banana being the one not mentioned above (squash is a fruit, btw :)) and the thing that stood out was how fresh everything was. Makes sense because the drying keeps the nutrients in and they’re not cooked like jars/squeeze pouches. Much more fresh and better for my baby!

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