Of Ducks and Sticks

Walker and I went down to the park the other afternoon, after he got up from his nap. We live one street up from the lake that the park is at (we could in theory say our house has “lake views” since you can see it barely from two of the bedrooms….hah!). Walker isn’t sold on the playground, mostly because they built it in the direct sun. It is always hot and he gets red too easily. But he does love the lake (and the little creek that runs into it during the wet months). We have highly habituated moochy ducks that show up instantly when a small child is detected (you have fries?) that spend their time swimming between the two connected lakes (the canal between the two is on the left of the dock).

Ducks coming up to say hi to Walker:

Two floating by:

Walker on the lake with the ducks:

After the ducks floated away we went over to the playground but he wanted to go up into the trees (smart boy, lots of shade!) and find sticks πŸ™‚

He had a nice collection by the time we headed back home…..

I was happy as well – Walker walked over ΒΌ mile by himself, which for his age made me very happy! My goal is by next summer that he can toddle with us on trails, just as his older brother did πŸ™‚ Just making sure walking is enjoyable for him!




  1. HA…Walker collecting sticks reminds me of Natie – collecting rocks. The two combined would have a nice collection. πŸ˜›

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