Feeling Pregnant

Just feeling pregnant these days. Really pregnant. I think the start of it was trying to use the self checkout at Safeway yesterday morning and my belly kept triggering the scale on the scanner while I was trying to reach the credit card scanner. Which of course everyone around there thought it was “hilarious” that I had to ask the cashier to clear it. Then I realized at the gym this morning I am fast running out of cardio options – last week I was on the treadmill and kept walking into the front bar. My belly now doesn’t fit well on any of the bikes. Not sure what I will do, not working out isn’t an option.

The one nice thing was at last weeks appointment with my OB I found out I am sitting at about 7 lbs gained so far this pregnancy which left me happy. I am trying a bit harder to keep as healthy as I can for now. I am sure I will slide as time goes on but it is what keeps me going to the gym and eating as healthy as I can!

And every day I am feeling the baby more, now that he is bigger. I still have an Anterior Placenta so I don’t get the big kicks but I can feel him low and on my side. Which I am just fine with!

The only thing I feel guilty about is Walker cannot sit on my lap so well now and he gets upset and goes over to Daddy….ah well!




  1. I loved being pregnant & my belly. I didn’t have a gym membership when I was so I can’t give any tips as to what machines would be best to use, but definitely keep up with your amazing hikes. I have to say I would never step foot in a gym if I had the views you have.
    Congrats on only gaining 7lbs this pregnancy so far – that is fantastic!

    • I am trying so hard to not have a 45 lb gain like with Walker 😉 My husband was awesome this year – he gave me a years worth of trainer appointments, so I actually go to the gym since I have to meet my trainer 2X a week 😀 Smart hubby!!!! Hoping for promised sun tomorrow so I can go walking with the little man – yay!

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