Falling Into Fall

This morning I was feeling energetic (where did that come from??) so I took Ford and Walker shopping for Fall and Halloween items. By the end of the trip Walker was wearing a $1 candy bowl on his head that was bright orange. He was quite proud of said bowl. So far I have both of their Halloween bags/buckets, a candy bowl and a massive bag of chocolate bars from Costco. Halloween is the biggest “holiday” in our development (where we live is the biggest in the town, it has 9 miles of private roads). When we first moved here it was hard to wrap my head around the level of trick or treating – everyone it seems is outside. There are a number of guys who decorate their garages to be houses of horror. People truly love it. No taking kids to the mall for 10-20 pieces of tiny candy. Oh not that. To put it in this way….two years ago I weighed Ford’s bag after 30 minutes. It weighed 5 lbs. 5 lbs!?! In it were half a dozen King size bars! (Which I might add the Costco 3 miles away pumps heavily this time of year….) Our local natural foods chain was asking on Facebook this week about non-candy options and all I could think of was “yeah, if you want your house TP’ed!”

Before we moved here I lived on an Island down a long dirt road. We never had kids in the neighborhood (and by that I mean a couple of houses on said dirt road). So I just love it! I love putting up decals on the door and windows and I love carving pumpkins.

Which speaking of I scored on Amazon Local a deal for a nearby farm for 2 adults and 2 kids to do their corn maze and it comes with 2 coloring books and 2 mini pumpkins. Ford is happy…he of course thinks it will be “hilarious” to jump out at Walker a 100 times from the corn. Snort. But at least I can get some carving pumpkins grown locally while there. Just need to finish up the costumes!

Walker and I took a walk the other day when the sun came out on Thursday. I was SO happy – not only was it sunny but Rainier was visible for the first time in many, many days.

On all the remodeling –

The work on our house progresses nicely. On Thursday we had the roof and skylights fixed on our back covered porch. It fixed what was wrong and now I can enjoy my back porch again. We have gotten quite a bit of the remodeling down we had back logged. The kitchen/living room and hallway are now finished with hard wood flooring, matching the rest of the house. Just a tiny bit (some stair-nosing) remains to do. Next week our 3rd bathroom is up for its remodel. It is currently a bare room – the walls are painted but it awaits a new sub flooring, tile and the new vanity/lights and to get the toilet back in. Home remodeling leaves me mega cranky, even more so when I am pregnant but suddenly it seems the final things are pulling together. After that we have to finish putting in all new trim in most of the house and a couple more doors and wow…we might be done. And it does look nice. Although I could be more than happy to never remodel anything again that is called a house or home!

And today it isn’t raining. Just the leaves turning flame colors 🙂



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