Tuesday Morning – A Lovely Lunch, A Waterfall and A Sunny Day

I was reading the paper yesterday afternoon and realized that Seattle Restaurant Week was going on this week. So I looked to see what places were on the “Eastside” (ones not in Seattle but rather out towards where we live, which is East of Seattle out to the Cascade Mts). I noticed that The Salish Lodge was participating out in Snoqualmie, Wa. The Lodge sits above Snoqualmie Falls and which shares the views with the Snoqualmie Falls Park that is managed by PSE, which runs a hydro-power plant.

I started thinking and it is one of the few lodges in the area that I hadn’t been inside so I batted my eyelashes at Kirk and talked him into going out for lunch. Their online reservation system was perfect. Wondering if anyone actually read the comment line I had typed in that it was 2 adults and a toddler and we would need a high chair. We drove over to the town and as we came down to the river Kirk wondered about the sudden “smoke”. Nope, it was low-lying fog! The whole river, falls and lodge were socked in. Everywhere else around was blue skies and sun – we had an amazing weather day today! One of those awesome fall days where it suddenly is nice and even warm! We parked and took the footbridge to the lodge and went in. We were seated almost immediately and it was obvious they had read my message – they had the table ready for Lil’ Fry with his high chair – and a neat touch was a tablecloth under his chair to catch messes. Smart thinking there! And we had the last table on the windows, overlooking the waterfall below us. Oh, if you want to melt me….give me a view table and I will be happy with simply that. OK, well technically we had no view at that point  but it was trying to burn off and if you looked across the dining room you could see the sun and blue skies towards the hills with the trees scarlet red and orange. Lovely.

We ordered lunch off the Special sheet, which was a 3 course lunch for $15 (not including drinks) – appetizer, entrée and dessert. We both ordered the Salmon Chowder, thick and creamy, full of chorizo, bacon and potatoes. Lets say that I love getting to have an indulgent cup of chowder once in a while where I don’t cut fat by not using cream. I ordered the ½ lb burger, Kirk the Cobb Chicken Sandwich. And oh wow, I wasn’t expecting such a large burger. Covered in melted sharp cheddar, extremely thick bacon (I love nothing more than thick bacon that melts on the tongue) on a Brioche bun, this was nirvana for an anemic. I don’t eat red meat much anymore and I actually couldn’t finish the burger – it was too big. Not too worry, Walker ate ¼ of my burger! Anyhow, what made me very happy is I was listened to and they cooked my burger all the way through with lots of charring (yummmmm) to which Kirk always gags over, he is a semi-rare burger eater but I take no chances when pregnant with ground meat. Kirk’s sandwich was lovely looking and Walker happily ate the thinly sliced avocado off of it. He was happily munching away….and again, they listened and made sure Kirk’s sandwich had no tomatoes.

As we were eating the fog started lifting, with peeks of sun and then suddenly it lifted. Looking from my seat – although Kirk had the better view of us.

Dessert came and I had the cheesecake with strawberries and shaved white chocolate, Kirk had the Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee. The cheesecake was exactly what this pregnant momma wanted/needed. Lunch was wonderful, the service was friendly and the atmosphere was relaxed. I realized as we left we had taken an hour for lunch and there was no rushing us through! I wouldn’t take Walker there at night – it wouldn’t be fair to other patrons but I went in with crossed fingers, praying he would be good and he did really well for being 18 months old! I am of the mindset that I want him to learn to love eating out at fun places so we take him often. But just at appropriate times 😉

When Kirk and I left there were plenty of people hoping for a window table. I smiled knowing we had gotten lucky! We went outside and enjoyed the warm sun for a few minutes, enjoying the overlooks in the park but knowing we had to get going so he could get back to work. Ah well!

Looking at the waterfalls, with the Lodge to the left –

Walker enjoying the view –

The waterfalls –

Daddy and Walker, with the river below them –

Playing on the rocks at the park –

It was what I needed – a lovely meal, a pretty lodge and a sunny day out!




  1. Calgon take me away… How gorgeous – have I ever told you how jealous I am of your surroundings? Yeah…I know… :blush:

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