1K Postings – It Only Took 3 Years

My 1,000 blog post? It is! Looking back at my blog my first post was one on Cornbread Muffins in early October of 2008. It took me 3 years so yes, I do post a lot (that is about a post every .9 of a day for you math nerds). But what I realized is I nearly gave up blogging at one point. It wasn’t holding my attention – more that it wasn’t exciting. I was simply writing down recipes and nothing more.

And then I got pregnant with Walker in the summer of 2009 and that changed everything for me. He gave me a focus and suddenly blog writing became on outlet for me. I had become a …. gag…. mommy blogger. But I was OK with that. Writing became more interesting after I changed focus. It wasn’t simply recipes but rather my life, my family, the kids, cooking, cookbooks, going places and more. I started looking forward to writing and I learned to fit it in while Walker napped or after he had gone to bed. And if I had good ideas I made lists and wrote blogs in advance! Walker has been my muse if you will. I wonder at times how his soon-to-be little brother will inspire me. I look forward to it!

The blog became something to me and I added a URL and a new look. It was what I had hoped for and it kept encouraging me. The best part though has been how many people read the blog – when it started it was handful of visitors a day and now is very steady and constantly growing. And I have some great followers who read the blog – I love your comments! Please, please…keep them coming!

Over the three years my style of writing and even my photography changed. I have hopefully become a bit better at taking food photos, although I am no food porn photographer. Maybe if I had more free time 😉

On My Cooking and Eating Choices:

When I started the blog in 2008 we were still eating an omnivore diet. Obviously it changed. I have gone all over the map these 3 years. What never changed was my choice of natural over processed and not using anything with artificial coloring. There was a period where we were completely vegan. For now the anemia in my body has made it that I do need to eat meat again. I am up to 2 iron pills a day and nothing outside of more of them can help me. Well, besides a burger or steak every couple days. And I can tell you that eating red meat is way more enjoyable than how iron pills make you feel inside. Lets leave it at that. After the baby comes I have a feeling we will slide back into a vegetarian diet again, with many meals being vegan.

On Blogging and Becoming A Better Blogger:

This past summer when I attended Vegan Con in Portland, Oregon I went hoping I would pick up sage advice, meet new people and get to learn a bit more – new perspectives if you will.  I was dumb founded over a speaker’s “words of advice”. She was a panel for bloggers – giving tips and advice to be a better blogger. The issue I had with her advice is she was a tech geek. She was over thinking on so many levels (my husband is a tech geek, even he will admit he can be too in-depth. He will ask if I want the short or the long spiel when I have questions). Her advice was that every hobby should have its own blog. That would mean one for food, one for my kids, one for crafts and so on. No wonder so many who blog peter out. There isn’t enough going on to keep writing on a regular basis. She then loudly criticized Mothers/Parents who write about the children in a post and then tack on a recipe. Obviously she isn’t part of my target audience…lol! But I found the more I talked about my kids the more I enjoyed it. I blogged for years writing my business blog, which is on the outdoors and I always felt stifled. That I couldn’t mention my oldest son or my husband without having a reader (always a man) complain on Twitter about how I was straying – if that mention wasn’t about us being on a hike together! It nearly destroyed my love of writing listening to those men. It isn’t like anyone HAS to read what I write. So it was nice to have a blog that was all mine, where I could write about anything I wanted.

But I was glad I went to the conference. I did meet a bunch of lovely ladies, saw how others approached their writing. If anything I came out of it feeling refreshed. It has encouraged me to attend more conferences for blogging in the future. It also got me to start reading so many more blogs. The more I read, the more new ideas I get inspired to think about!

And most of all? I am OK with being a “Mommy-Blogger”. I can live with that I decided 😉



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