Sunday Strolling: Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze

Not too long back I saw a deal on Amazon Local for a corn maze family package at a local farm, Mosby’s, which isn’t far from us (Ford and I had done the maze before, a couple years back!). The deal was for a family of 4 for $12. It got two adult and 2 children entrances to the corn maze, two coloring books and 2 mini pumpkins or gourds. Walker happily walked out clutching his two coloring books and a pumpkin 😉 He even picked out his own pumpkin!

Ford wandered off into the corn maze and we saw him maybe 45 minutes later. He had a grand old-time by himself this time around. At 14 he loved it – no having to follow us or walk slow. And he found all 6 stations in the maze (where there were hole punchers) and got his card filled up. Walker went with Kirk and I and he did well, he walked the maze 🙂

The farm had built a tiny maze for tots out of straw bails with a big white pumpkin in the center:

Out in the pumpkin patch:

Walking the tot maze:

Having a lot of fun stomping in the mud, in the patch:

Wanting to drive the tractor!

Yesterday was my entering the 6th month of my pregnancy 🙂

Walker was covered in mud all over by the time we got done. Good thing for a piece of cardboard and plastic bags in the van 😉 But I look at it this way….if you are not all muddy then you didn’t have a good enough time! Today Walker turned 19 months old as well 🙂 My little man keeps growing!



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