Cookbook Review: Blood Sugar

With my upcoming 3rd Trimester Gestational Diabetes test looming (oh how I never look forward to that test!) receiving a copy of Blood Sugar: Inspiring Recipes for anyone facing the Challenge of Diabetes and maintaining good health was timely. It falls somewhere between a cookbook, a coffee table book and a lifestyle change book. The book is lushly photographed, with nearly every recipe having a full color photograph.

The recipes are all low glycemic, whole grains and heavy on the protein. The only issue for me was that most the recipes featured animal protein, including heavy use of eggs and cheese. So I wasn’t able to do a review in the style I prefer, which is to cook a meal from the book. For us, large portions of meat, eggs and cheese are sadly off limit overall due to the heart health issues. Ah well.

One thing about the recipes that stands out though is they are elegant. They use meat in a highly presentable way. The recipes have the feeling of a meal in a high-end restaurant. Which makes sense as the author himself is a classic chef. It is a beautiful book but I will be sending it on to friends who eat more meat!


Disclaimer: We received a copy of this book for potential review.



  1. I have to find this book. Being “prediabetic” & Rich type 1 diabetic we could both take a page from this book. Sadly….we’re heavily egg, cheese & meat family. :p

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