Finally Buying New Baby Gear – And Window Shopping Even More

When I found out we were having another boy I breathed a little easier – since that meant he could wear all of Walker’s clothing and gear I had tucked away. Walker is a little clotheshorse so this baby will be well outfitted! Only recently have I started thinking about that I need to consider the things we don’t have. I finally bought the new stroller I had researched, Contours Options Tandem II Stroller.

It had dropped by 25% so I decided to gamble and order it. It isn’t sold locally (and by locally that means in the general Puget Sound region). I was able to test out the Contours Options Tandem Stroller and liked it and the II is a nicer version with more features. What I liked most is that it isn’t a huge stroller. It isn’t wide, I can push it without effort and that it is so adjustable (the seats can be moved around) and that it can also be for just one child (makes a good grocery hauler!).

But more than that, the stroller doesn’t need an expensive add-on car seat adapter. After dealing with all the expensive accessories for Walker’s jogger stroller I have had it. I just want an easy to use stroller for town that does what I need – and not cost me $50 for an adapter, $100 for an extra seat and $30 for a cup holder! Kirk and I had looked at a number of the “Euro-Style” strollers where you can add-on a second seat and by the time we got it priced out we were talking $700 to 1,000, which is just ridiculous! It is bad enough spending $500+ on a jogger stroller. Yeesh! I think the biggest insult is how the “add-on-a-seat” style strollers don’t have enough room for a tall toddler once you add a car seat on.

It should do well for our around town trips, walking in the neighborhood and on paved rail to trails. And I am fine with that! PS: Kirk was able to assemble it reasonably easy when it showed up and Walker already loves it!

I am still pondering though on getting a different Bjorn for this baby. I have time though! With Walker I had 4 baby carriers for the front – a BABYBJÖRN Original which worked great when he was tiny (from newborn to 6 months) and the BABYBJÖRN Active, which I used until he was a year or so. I liked the Original for when he was tiny, it held/cradled him well. The Active was nice for hiking and I could wear him when he was bigger. What I wasn’t so happy with was the ERGO Baby Carrier – Performance that I picked up. I sold that a couple of months ago to a friend who is expecting this winter as well. Walker never took to it. He liked looking out (so did Ford when he was little as well). Maybe being bigger chested isn’t the best for this type of carrying – his face was pushed into my chest. With the Bjorns he could breathe fresh air all day – hah! I saw the BABYBJÖRN Comfort Carrier of course after I had bought the Ergo and called it a day.

I am thinking that it might be the right choice for when this baby is a couple of months old. Use the Original for when the baby is newborn and then the Comfort Carrier when older. We shall see though! Who knows…maybe I will just keep using the Active (since it is paid for!).

But at least beyond these items, a new crib, diapers, a few more bottles and a coming home outfit I should be good to go 🙂 Let me hope that he has the same coloring as Walker 😉



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