Babies and Whatnot

Last weekend Ford took a photo of me as I turned 28 weeks –

I had my appointment with my OB this week. She decided I am on weekly visits until I have the baby. Ah well. I suppose the time will go by faster, like it did with Walker. My blood pressure creeps up in the third Trimester for me with every baby and she likes to keep a closer eye on me and the baby. I got a surprise NST (non stress test) as well and will have them as well with every visit from now on. I had Walker with me and it ended up adding a near hour to my appointment but he did well and was good (the OB has a small TV and movies in the room for younger children – he happily sat in his stroller and watched movies. Him not watching TV at home pays off at times!). The baby was really active and going off the monitor so it was a longer test. I had NST’s all the time with Walker, it is so hard to not fall asleep! Laying there on a comfy bed in a warm room ;-)I actually like the NST’s, they are comforting.

My iron levels were down yet again, I got a score of 32.1 on my blood draw last week. Blah. I am taking 2 iron pills a day and now she wants me to take 3. Not looking forward to it, my tummy feels so bad for a couple of weeks when I start more iron. But I keep telling myself – it is less than 10 weeks left most likely. I can make it! And I know I have to get my iron up before delivery to avoid bleeding issues . 37 is the lowest number she likes seeing so it is either 3 iron pills a day or I start eating steak daily. I have been anemic with both this baby and Walker, something in me causes it, most likely due to the blood pressure meds I take. I cannot control it with just food. I wasn’t shocked though that I was down again, I had the “feeling” coming on (very tired, my pulse being high, winded going up just one flight of stairs) and I am tested every Trimester. But I know that once the baby is here within a couple of days I will be able to dial back my meds and the anemia will lift a bit. I will probably celebrate this baby with a mostly rare steak. It is one of the nastiest side effects I have noticed. I don’t crave red meat unless I am anemic and then all I want is it semi-rare (or even more raw), which normally is just nasty to me. A couple of months back, at the start of my second Trimester, I was in the gym and having a nearly uncontrollable urge to lick weights. I could smell the iron in them. Working out with our trainer, I said it to John, and he gave me that look that I was a couple of eggs shy of a full basket 😉 When I get low I cannot go into the meat department, I can smell iron hanging in the air. After that workout I called my OB’s office and asked for a hemo test, of which I soundly failed.

Besides that I got told to take it as easy as possible and to continue resting – and then she looked at Walker and said “I know that won’t be easy”. Yeeeaaahhhhhh. No kidding. Still I have learned to just go lay down when he naps!

But not is all dark or gloomy. This baby is a roller, a mover. He gets my stomach shimmering, doing a wave. Kirk was sitting next to me after dinner last night and was able to feel the baby move strongly 🙂 Walker’s obsession is for me to let him pull up my shirt and to touch my belly –

Little man loves that!

And speaking of him, here he is –

We started the Advent Calendar this morning 🙂 A few years back my friend Dani got me a great buy on a Starbucks one (she was working there at the time) and it was a reusable one, very well made. I think I paid like $5 for it! This was the first year that Ford had to share it with Walker 😉 Hah! So I picked out some chocolate that Walker could safely eat and they each get a piece a day. Walker was very excited to say the least! He tried to eat the wrapper as well……

I got the Christmas tree up the weekend before Thanksgiving. I figure I have to do things when I have the energy and I had some extra that day. But I had to use the plastic ball ornaments this year and not my glass ones. Walker leaves the tree alone for the most part but sometimes he makes a quick run under the tree!

Up next? I need to get going on my Candy-Fest 2011. Lots of new recipes coming this year! So stay tuned for that 🙂




  1. Funny how your body “naturally” tells you what you need to eat more of! Sometimes we crave what we need (and sometimes we crave what we REALLY don’t need, ha!) Take care!

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