First Look: Fullbelly Baby Covers

A Fullbelly Baby Wallaroo Bundle showed up this week –

What is a Wallaroo? It is a stroller, car seat and front baby carrier cover. I am often skeptical on claims with covers. They often don’t go on easy or are flimsy made or worse only fit infants or toddlers but not both. And while the company says 0-18-/+ months, it fits Walker, our 20 month old (height in the upper 90th percentile) perfectly on his around town stroller. With plenty of room for him to keep growing into it.

I opened up the package to find the bundle attractively wrapped – and I just love the color schemes. They have one for boy, one for girl and a unisex choice as well. The boy color is deep blue, with an animal print on the front, the lining is buttery soft baby blue blanket, with white trim. Not only is it beyond cute, it is sewn well.The toggles for the sides are well designed and stay out of the way when not needed.

The front part is interesting, it is a pouch (hence the Wallaroo). When worn on a baby carrier Mom or Dad can put their hands in it to stay warm or tuck in their phone/wallet/keys. Walker can even use it to store toys/snacks when the cover is on his stroller. The cover comes with easy to read directions. Putting the cover on Walker’s stroller had no learning curve I might add – popped it over his feet and pulled it up and then clipped the closure around the back of the stroller and off we went – him all snug in 25° temps! Ummm…way too easy. Lets just say I had a cover when he was a baby that took Olympic strength to get it on and over the dumb car seat!

But what I truly love about the cover so far is that it is so soft. I have a cover for his jogger stroller, for our long stroller hikes, that deflects wind and rain, but it isn’t soft. Nor snuggly. It also swamps him. And I cannot use it on his around town strollers. It is just too big. The Fullbelly though is perfect for cold days (and even chilly spring/fall mornings+evenings). It is tidy, takes up little room in the stroller and goes on quickly. And it looks stylish with all the modern Euro style strollers! And it even goes on the larger umbrella strollers nicely:

I will be trying the cover out more over the coming months and am looking forward to trying it as a baby carrier cover when Walker’s brother arrives this winter. That is one thing I was constantly frustrated with when Walker was an infant – keeping him covered in the Bjorn, so that his legs didn’t get chilled. So keep tuned on that!


FTC Disclaimer: We received a copy for potential review.


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