Photos of the littlest one

Had a long day yesterday which started with doing the 3 hour test for gestational diabetes and ended with a growth check ultrasound. A long day but glad I did it all on one day, might as well just eat up one day and not two! I didn’t exactly “want” to do the 3 hour test but I forced myself to be good and show up at the lab o’ boredom. I failed my 1 hour test by 3 lousy points…ah well. But anyone can fail the 1 hour test even if they had fantastic numbers before pregnancy (mine were excellent before – I get checked every 6 months for diabetes due to my family history). I have noticed more people I know are failing the 1 hour as well – when I had Walker no one was. So I don’t see it as a failure, we shall see what my numbers look like for the 3 hour when I get them back. Overall it wasn’t too bad for the test, I took my iPad and used the wi-fi to entertain myself between the 4 blood draws.

At my appointment last week my OB wanted to do a growth check to get an idea how big the little one is. I have measured about 2½ weeks ahead, which I did with Walker as well. The weight guess and size measuring by the US tech was right to where my fundal measurement was. Guessed size is 3 lbs 14 ounces (which of course isn’t exact science, but they were very close with Walker for every guess) but which puts him big, same as with Walker. I didn’t have GD with Walker and he was a big baby so who knows what will happen in the next 8 to 10 weeks but I could have another big one! Love having ultrasounds but wow the room was warm. It has been very cold outside and they really love to warm up the clinic…yech! I was happy to get out in the cold 😉

I will be 30 weeks tomorrow as well 🙂

Face profile with hand:

Face profile – he was really moving and was sucking on his thumb at times:

His mouth was open for this one:




  1. I remember taking the 3hr…Natie was doing the jig in my belly with all the sugar he was hopped up on. Blech. I love the ultrasound pictures – so clear! The first one looks like he’s playing peek-a-boo.

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