Yay For Me – A Lovely New Purse!

Kirk needed a new saddle for his bike so were at REIa week ago or os. My purse was starting to get sad (worn out) that I had bought a couple of years ago. I was looking at the newer version of it, the REI Nikole Day Bag, and decided to upgrade.

The older version was similar, this has a few upgrades. The straps are better made (and wider), the front organizer pocket opens fully now (it used to have a 3/4 zipper), has a lined smart phone pocket (the old one was just the pack fabric) and the padded sleeve in the main compartment fits my ipad perfectly (great for long and boring doctor appointments….). While a few other things were changed, they kept the basics – the pocket on the inside of the back, the water bottle pocket, etc. I love backpack style purses, they are just so easy to wear while dealing with children and they don’t kill my back. On short dayhikes I have used the older one as my pack even! (It fit well on my back when I was carrying Walker on my front in a carrier). It isn’t cheap at $59.50, it does though stand up to years of abuse (I was shocked at how well it held up – even though the replaced one it is getting old looking from dirt and stains, not a single stitch has come out. Structurally it is like new.).

My wallet was also DOA (I had picked it up at Starbucks 4 or so years ago) so I indulged myself a bit more and got the matching Hailey Wallet. It is odd having a soft fabric wallet but it works well. It has a mesh pocket perfect for things you don’t want to lose (like cash or coins), lots of slots for cards and even a padded interior pocket for my Blackberry! I liked that part – I often grab just my wallet for when I take Walker out in his stroller, this will make sure I don’t forget or hurt my phone.

I don’t know how it works, but somehow a new purse makes me that much happier 😉



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