Happy Morning

Looked at the ceiling in the middle of the night and it was 23° (we have a weather predicting unit that projects onto the ceiling). The cat was wrapped into the down comforter with us, Walker was fast asleep in his crib next to me – buried under his blanket and Kirk was snoozing. I drifted back to sleep. I got up early this morning and got to work in my office, it was dark outside. I looked up and saw the sun coming up and it was a wow morning.

Within a couple of minutes all the color was gone. It is a steel-gray sort of day now, the frost is snow like in the yard.

Ford got off to school and I got Walker up. We went grocery shopping and came home to see the results of my 3 Hour Glucose test waiting for me. I didn’t want to open that email I can tell you, but after a lot of sighing I did. And? I PASSED! Hmmm…maybe I was a bit too pent-up with fear. I was so keyed up waiting for the results to come back. But when I looked at the 4th blood draw no wonder I had been so shaky. I went over 15 hours without eating and by that draw I had started getting the shakes. It came in at 70, which was at the bottom of the standard range for that hour (70 to 140). Kirk had taken me out to lunch after I was done but between that last draw and eating, 45 minutes went by. Eating was painful, I wanted to wolf down my food but made myself eat slowly so I wouldn’t over eat. I can honestly say I hope I never have to take a 3 Hour Test again. That was nasty! But knowing I passed lets me breathe a bit easier for now.




  1. YEAH!!! Congrats on passing! What a relief!

    • Thank you, Lori! I sweat the fear so badly – my Mom had GD with my brother, Preeclampsia with me. I had Pree with my oldest and I so fear Diabetes of any type since it runs in our family (my Mom went into Type II within 10 years of my brother being born as well). Still…the fear has kept me off super sugar binges and white crabs so I guess that is good!!

  2. Glad things are going well with you! Gorgeous picture. It’s getting cold here in Ohio, too. I’m in love with our wood burning fireplace. Relaxing!

    I volunteer with JDRF- so I understand your fear!

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