Solutions and Ponderings On Baby – Baby Cribs and More

I was at the OB’s office this morning for my weekly appointment and realized I have done a month of NST (Non Stress Testing) so far. Time starts going by really fast when one is going to weekly appointments. Walker has done well at them. I take him and his mini stroller, along with breakfast (I aim for the first appointments of the morning so I rarely wait). He is happy to sit through the NST as he gets to watch movies (thankfully they have a tiny TV and a collection of old movies for kids). Since Walker doesn’t watch TV at home it is a treat he gets excited about. The baby was very active this morning so the test went fast (and he stayed under the monitor which was helpful!). My blood pressure has stayed where she wants it to be. I am continuing to measure about 2½ weeks ahead, which has put this baby at about the 92‰ percentile. He in theory will be as big as Walker was, although I wonder how big he might get – I dream of a big baby often 🙂

Coming up to the last days of the 7th month I am looking forward to the 8th month. I like the weeks between 32 and 36, as the baby grows and grows. But also knowing it is that last month before the thoughts of the baby coming take over ones mind!

For the past 6 months I have been perplexed on what to do with the changing pad on Walker’s changing table. When he was born we had bought a Sorelle Princeton crib that comes with a changing table and changing pad included. It was an odd size (around 29″ or so in length). Well….about 6 months it started falling apart and was ripped all over but I couldn’t find ANY pads to replace it, be it in store or online. They were all full size. And which got me to grinding my teeth because so many of the combo cribs that have an attached changing area come with the mini pad! Finally due to being in Babies r’ Us (which I normally avoid like the plague…..) I happened to think about it and asked the woman who was helping us. Well….I finally got my answer! Don’t look for a changing pad, look for a bassinet pad. Doh. Well….I had never had that cross my mind! And back in the bassinet pad section she found a perfect one:

Its size is 27.0 x 14.5 x 1.5  and costs $21.99. It is a tiny bit small but overall is about as perfect as I was going to find for the price! It has a waterproof and wipe-able cover on it as well. So if any other Mama’s have this weird size, look for bassinet pads!

And speaking of cribs….Kirk and I are still pondering what to do when Baby #3 gets here. Walker is quite happy in his crib. We talked about going to a toddler bed but they are so tiny and Walker has made no effort really to break out of his crib (which Ford did at barely past a year!) We are talking about whether to get another (a second) of the existing crib, since the front piece comes off and turns into a daybed (for when Walker does learn to escape) or do we get a mini version of the crib?

That is the Sorelle Newport Mini Crib. There is a similar version, the Camden Mini Crib as well to consider. We wouldn’t get as long out of the crib but it might work better once we have both beds in one bedroom. So many decisions cluttering my mind of late. But I don’t want to wait till I have the baby home, sleeping in the Pack n’ Play and being in a mental fog. I do think we will end up with another full size crib, simply because of having bigger babies.

I can dream of the day when they are older and have bunk beds 😉




  1. When my kids were babies. We had no money or room for a changing table. I used the dresser. I suppose I could have used a beach towel folded for a pad. I ended up with a bassinet pad as well. I made an envelope style cover for it out of a quilted flannel fabric.

    • I did a very similar thing with my oldest – I had no money or room for a changing table as well 😀 The luxury of more modern houses I’ll say is room!

  2. Sarah – when Natie was a newborn we changed him right on the dryer with a towel over it. (blush). Then we bought a new washer & dryer so we migrated to his dresser with a towel over it – easy & cheap!

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