Ponderings and Musing on Christmas

I see Christmas as an oddity. I didn’t celebrate it growing up so I never had that experience nor the time of believing that something magical brought presents – or as Kirk puts it…so a fat guy breaks into your house to leave gifts but if you don’t leave good cookies and milk you might get your house ruined:

(I ♥ Formal Sweatpants comics! Please go visit them but fair warning their humor might not be for everyone…..)

I don’t see it as a bad thing though, more it gave me a different view of the holidays. When I met Kirk we started putting up a tree, yet neither of us would describe ourselves as religious. We do it for the kids I know. This year I was so tired I nearly didn’t do it but then I thought about how Ford and Walker would be disappointed. So the week before Thanksgiving we set up the tree. Funniest thing was Walker loved the Advent Calendar (I have one I got from Starbucks a couple of years ago that is reusable. Walker got so much fun out of it this year, every morning pointing to the table with a big smile for his little piece of chocolate 😀 That alone made it worth my effort. And I do have fun filling the stockings (my Mother In Law has made us all stockings out of red velvet that match the one she made Kirk when he was little. She even made my brother, David one. My brother was getting over a nasty bug and finally feeling normal so he didn’t come down, instead we drove Ford to the ferry dock this morning and sent him over to the Island to spend some time with his Uncle.

So because of that I made our Christmas dinner last night, for Christmas Eve. I boxed up a dinner for David and Ford, for tonight. We got up this morning and opened presents and then went for a drive. On the way back Kirk and I stopped and checked a recently opened Asian market I hadn’t been to. Found a couple of items so went home happy. Then we drove to the town over and had dim sum for lunch, which Walker happily sat through. We go there maybe once a month and all the women seemed in shock I hadn’t had my baby yet 😉 Hah! And the one waitress we usually get looked at me and was “How big you get if you have 8 more weeks?!!?” I can only laugh. I know I have a scary big baby belly – last week we went out for Thai food at our regular place and it only took 3 babies…but I finally got my belly touched. The Thai woman who runs the restaurant planted both hands on my belly and was so excited, how could I not be as well?  They have tiny children, I have giants. But I digress… was a mellow afternoon. We headed home and I took a nap. Walker helped Kirk and I take the decorations down after dinner. Usually I leave the tree up through New Years Day but I know, do things when I have the energy. The tree and decorations need to go into storage and we need to get the baby items ready. I am starting to panic at points. That I am not ready. Christmas seemed so far away in October when I reached 20 weeks. Time to clean the house and get it ready for the little one ♥. Somehow I know the next month will fly by only too fast.

Walker fell into his bed tonight exhausted and was asleep in minutes. I think I might just follow him soon….




  1. Sounds like a perfect Christmas! Get some rest!!

  2. Sounds like a great Christmas tradition starting!

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