Anyone On Pinterest?

OK, I admit it! I am addicted to Pinterest.

I had watched my stats for a couple of months, watching as so many of my posts being “pinned” and wondering what it was all about. So I made the “mistake” of checking it out. Oops! I am finding so many fun things to try – cooking, family, crafts, etc. It is the ultimate time waster that I have found! Are you on? Let me know so I can follow you as well (and if you need an invite, let me know as well and we can arrange that!)
Follow Me on Pinterest




  1. whiskydrinkinchimneysweep says:

    I’m addicted to pinterest as well. Glad to meet a fellow addict.

  2. I am on pinterest and love it.. it can be difficult to keep all of these site current, eh??

  3. Oh…I spent an entire day on Pinterest one day… I had to stop! I should revisit all the ideas I pinned & start working on some of them!
    I have a friend who refuses to check it out because she knows she’ll be addicted.

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