Making Digital Masterpieces (Or Letting A Toddler Have Way Too Much Fun!)

Kirk picked up a Kindle Fire when they came out (mostly because I had taken his Apple ipad as my “portable computer” – which is so great for traveling with!). During one of Amazon’s promotions he picked up a copy of the app Drawing Pad, for free – but it is only $1! He showed it to Walker and oh wow, did Walker have SO much fun playing with it! Imagine a zillion crayons, none broken. None all over my walls. No paper to toss. And Kirk can send me the drawings via email! Eeee!, how I love technology!

“Masterpiece 1”

“Masterpiece 2”

I love it so much I am going to pick it up for the ipad as well – it will be great to have for Walker to play with during long doctor appointments 😀



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