34 Weeks

6 weeks. It is hard to suddenly wrap around that number, of being that close! But I also wonder a lot about when I will have the baby. I am 2 weeks from when I had Ford (36 weeks) and 4 from when I had Walker (38 weeks). We shall see when my OB decides it is time for him to come. I am still having weekly visits (I have for the past 6 weeks) and know they will go up in pace soon. Walker has done well going with me. My OB has a TV and movies in the NST room (non stress test) so he watches Winnie The Pooh while Mommy drifts off for a nap on the bed (NST tests put me to sleep like nothing else!). I take his breakfast with us and he sits in his little stroller usually quite happy. That and the nurses always give him a can of apple juice…hah! (Which he doesn’t get at home – for either of them, so it is a special treat coming with me!)

Some visits it is 20 minutes, others it has been an hour. If the little one is too active and keeps flipping, he goes off the monitor. It is a fine line of how much orange juice to drink to wake him up!

And a photo of the belly –

I have a lot of braxton hick contractions and real contractions every day, the baby is big. But I figure before I know it another 4 weeks will have slipped by. Some days it feels like time is barely moving and then I look and realize just how much has flown by.

And I have Walker to keep me busy…..his last fun toy was my garbage can and the joys of getting in it šŸ˜‰

The best part of pregnancy though (this is sarcasm mind you) was the 32 week “I need new shoes” moment. I gave up socks long ago (I swear they feel like 2 snakes choking my feet) and I was stuck wearing Chaco sandals that left marks every night in my feet (due to all the straps). After Walker, Kirk “encouraged” me to finally throw away my nasty 12 + year old Birkenstocks that had made it through 2 pregnancies. All I could think of was “I need a new pair. Now.” So I went looking and settled on:

I found them on Amazon for $90 via Prime Shipping (bought directly from Amazon) – Birkenstock Basel Clog. Two or so days of wearing and they were broken in. It is all I wear now. Totally unsexy shoes and I am OK with that. Comfort rules in pregnancy!




  1. I hear ya on shoes & pregnancy. I was so thankful my job has a relaxed dress code because I had to wear big, loose diabetic socks & my sneakers during my pregnancy. My poor feet were swollen like balloons. I still am wondering how I felt the most beautiful then compaired to all the years of my life.

    34 weeks – AMAZING!

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