Preggo Ramblings

Boy was I in a black mood yesterday. I’ll be honest – while I love BEING pregnant and growing a baby I truthfully do not enjoy the final weeks. But are there many women who do? Maybe. They can stuff it though 😀 The past week or two I had noticed that I was getting Carpal Tunnel back in my left hand. I have gotten it in the 8th month with every pregnancy (and had it when I worked for the Thai importer, due to how I lifted granite mortar and pestle sets…oops). My fingers had gone numb while driving, typing and at night. Then I woke up on Tuesday morning and I could barely move my right arm or even make a grip. My fingers were all swelled. After about 5 hours I could grip again and it came back to mostly normal. I called my OB and she said to start wearing a splint again. Only thing is….I couldn’t find mine. I think they are in storage or I got rid of them 😦 I went shopping and found a style I hadn’t used before – much more flexible than the traditional ones with the massive Velcro closures and metal splint – Imak Smart Glove Medium. Instant relief. Only I only bought one. Oops. I went out last night and buy a second one so I can wear them all at once. With them on, Birkenstocks on my feet and maternity pants…waddling around? Yeah, I am so sexy. Hah!

And then my favorite maternity pants, these from Motherhood Maternity, the stretchy belly part suddenly lost its stretch. Freaky! The whole knit part is suddenly a wide swath of non-stretchy fabric, the pants are useless to wear, they don’t stay up. Even through 3 babies I have never seen a pair of maternity pants do this. This happen to anyone else? And weirder is they were only 2 or so months old. I cursed them and asked “Why couldn’t you just last oh, another month??” 😀 But still it was weird. They were fine, I washed them and they came out all warped.

But weirder has been the belly rubbers. I used to nearly gloat how people never touched me in my other pregnancies. But this pregnancy? I have multiple people come up and plant hands on me. I just shrug it off and don’t put a lot into it – maybe it is how big I am measuring? I was still measuring 2½ weeks ahead at my appointment yesterday. My belly is so big! I have even started to get to the twin and triplet comments (yeah, original comedy lines there folks 😛 ) But hey, soon it will be over, so I just smile and roll my eyes internally – hah!

On the positive side I got a goodie package from Enfamil this morning in the mail. Nice! Unlike so many “mommy bloggers” I have no qualms with being pro-formula. I know where I stand on breastfeeding. Many can do it and that is great. For me, formula is my choice – and I am OK with it (I got rid of the guilt that is beaten into women a long time ago). I am sure we will end up using Costco’s Kirkland formula again, but for those first weeks if I have premium freebies I won’t say no! Now to see if I can go round-up some of the ready to drink formula in the 2 ounce bottles – those are simply amazing for the first week (both Enfamil and Similac make them).

And I have to get down to the storage room and get the baby items out. And order the new crib. I feel overwhelmed many days. Worst nightmare is I keep putting it off and I go into labor and Kirk has to dig through all the boxes to find the car seat 😀 (The storage room comes from all our remodeling – we put a ton of stuff into storage so we could have working room). Well, hey, I have diapers and a coming home outfit. Oops. Maybe I need more? 😀 And we desperately need to finish the kids room so Walker can move into it.

Methinks I am not the only procrastinating mama-to-be out there though!

Had my visit with my OB yesterday, still on my weekly visits for now. My weight has stayed about the same for the past 3 weeks (not a bad thing!) but my weekly NST (non stress test) took an hour (little one was moving and they like a long strip of his movements) – Walker was good for it but was pretty bored once we got that done and had to do our appointment with the doctor. I think 1½ hour appointments are just too long for hm, although he tried so hard to be good. My blood pressure isn’t great but neither is it worse. Third Tri is hardest for me with keeping it down. She is watching me for any signs of Pre-clampsia or HELLP Syndrome, so it seems I may be facing weekly blood-work till the baby comes. That is going to suck $$. Insurance does cover most but it adds up. And I have another ultrasound coming up as well, to check on the babies size and his placenta. My OB hasn’t given a week yet but I would guess that I will be induced again. How soon depends on where my BP stays and how my blood-work turns out each week. But I figure….each week gets me closer and a week bigger for him to grow.




  1. Those pants are heavenly! I have to admit…I stayed in them a lot longer than I should have. Well after Natie was here. Oh how I miss those pants. So comfy!

    I hope your BP is staying low to avoid an induction. It sounds like you have a lot you still need to do. No surprise visits little guy!

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