First Years Portable Cutlery Kit

A couple of months ago I found at Kohl’s a set of The First Years Take & Toss Toddler Flatware Travel Set.

First Years has a whole line of Take & Toss, from cups to plates, to large racks of spoons but the key thing is while you could toss them (they are very affordable) they are well made actually. The holder is well designed, the lid stays on snugly and it fits into a side pocket on my purse backpack so that I always have it with us when we eat out. The kit comes with 2 spoons, 2 forks and a knife. I hand wash the kit after each meal and air dry, it still looks new even after many uses. And if a utensil does get lost or broken, finding replacements is easy.  And while I found mine at Kohl’s, I have seen the line sold at Target, Wal-mart and in the baby aisle at grocery stores as well. And at $2 to 3 it is a great addition to the diaper bag!




  1. These are great! I have one similar for Natie & make eating out easy because they’re so handy to keep in my bag.

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