Of Snow and Babies

After a dry, dry fall and early winter we finally got snow this week, just in time for my weekly visit to the OB yesterday. The roads were still frozen so Kirk drove me to my appointment (it was still dark as well…ugh). My OB wasn’t happy with the babies heart rate, it was slightly elevated, so I go told “I want you to go to the Birth Center for observation after the appointment”. That wasn’t what I wanted to hear but thankfully Kirk was with me. The babies heart rate did settle down by the end of my NST (non stress test) and who knows if it was related to me feeling super dehydrated, but when I was there I drank a ton of water.

Kirk drove me to the hospital, which is a good 30 minutes away when there is snow (20 in low traffic/clear roads) and I checked in. The baby looked good on the monitor and my blood pressure is OK for now (lets say that my BP is good for me, although for most women it would be “higher”). I passed all my bloodwork (my OB is keeping a tight eye on my kidney and liver levels). They also did an ultrasound to check on the placenta and on the baby as well. And at 35 weeks the baby is 98% percentile, weighing an estimated 7 lbs 12 ounces. Considering that Walker was 9 lbs when he was born at 38 weeks, it will probably be pretty accurate for this one’s weight. When I had my oldest son Ford at 36 weeks he weighed just over 5 lbs. It is scary to think how much bigger this baby is! Not having Pre-eclampsia for many weeks helps one get a bigger baby to say the least….The nurses were all so helpful. I have found the hospital we use is a good one and most everyone goes out of their way to be nice. Although I did get to listen to the nurse and US tech look at me and say “You won’t go 40 weeks”. I can only imagine how big this baby will be if I do, 10? 11 lbs?

After a couple of hours I did get released – and which drove home in my mind to get my hospital bag packed (I did it this morning!). Over the weekend Kirk and I found all the baby stuff in storage as well – and I ordered the new crib which should be here early next week. So I at least have that done! Kirk got me a late lunch and we headed home, stopping at the store to get a few things before the snow came again (and I swear everyone else was there as well!).

Woke up to snow falling this morning. Walker was up early and wanted to go out so badly, he still isn’t quite sure what snow is πŸ˜€ Hah!

Ford got him to come out though –

He did have fun running aorund but within a little while he was ready to come in πŸ˜‰




  1. Not a good day for you to have to go to the hospital, but thankfully you & baby are alright!

    I just got a call today that my friend who is 36 wks pregnant is being monitored for Pre-eclampsia…eek!

    They did a growth sono on Natie & estimated him to be over 10lbs when he was born (he was even a wk past due). Turned out to be “average” at 8.2.

    How stinkin’ cute is Walker in the snow?! I can’t wait for Natie to experience it! Last year, despite being burried in the snow he never went out in it as he was too young. This year – I’m waiting to play!

    • I was so happy Walker got to get out in it πŸ˜€ I need to dig up his snow suit though!
      Sorry to hear about your friend…at least with Pre-e, once you get the baby out everyone gets better. It was scary having it with my oldest but at 36 weeks he did well being born πŸ™‚

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