Storms, Messes, Cleanup and No Inter-Webbies

I am happy to have my beloved internetties back on – I can live without TV just fine and even handle power outages but hoo, do I get crabby without my internet. Well, I suppose that is a First World Problem and I should be happy that was my only real issue of the storms we had – and I did have my Blackberry the whole time :p But no thanks on using that tiny screen to write on! So I apologize for being out of action for a couple of days.

The snow did come that was promised but was worse on Thursday of last week than on Wednesday, when the storm was supposed to hit. We live out towards Mt. Rainier, against the foothills of the Cascade Mountains so our weather is often much worse than Seattle gets it – and neither do we have open water to warm things up!

But it wasn’t the snow that did it, rather it was the ice storm that happened Wed. afternoon through early Thursday. It coated everything with a freezing rain, then it snowed on Thursday on top of that. We had trees bending bad. The fatality was in the back yard when the majority of the tree flopped over the fence and snapped in two parts. The remaining part was bending towards our roof. About the time it started going onto the roof Kirk got outside and started cutting limbs off all the trees. He hacked the tree to release the pressure (it wasn’t saveable) and removed a number of very heavy Evergreen branches that were threatening my Blueberry plantation.

Walker watching Daddy:

Happy being inside all warm while Daddy was outside – and getting to watch him work:

My appointment got canceled on Friday morning for my next NST due to the clinic having no power. Almost no traffic lights were working, power was out everywhere still and everywhere you went, trees littered. The freeze did a lot of damage and the wind that came in after on Friday didn’t help either. Overall, getting power back on out here isn’t easy. It was a mess. We didn’t lose power though, but lost our internet on Thursday afternoon which meant Kirk had to drive into work this week. We only got it back this afternoon, which is wonderful as that means no commuting for him!

Kirk took this shot of me entering my 36th week:

Walker ventured out into the snow with me this weekend –

He still isn’t quite sure of snow….

By Sunday most of the snow had melted (although we still have a lot in our yard!). My friend Dani came up to visit, we went out to lunch and then coffee and had a girls afternoon out 🙂 When I was pregnant with Walker she had taken a photo of me in this Starbucks at 38 weeks so she had to repeat it 😉

I am feeling it!

I had my NST test on Monday to make up for Friday. And I have another one coming up – I have a feeling I could be on 2 a week for them for now.I layed on my side during the NST and caught up on my email and posted a blog yesterday while using the clinics internet 😉

The snow is at least mostly gone, the yard is mostly picked up (there will be a lot of yard waste in the bins for the next month!) and I found out I can barely fit behind the steering wheel now in Kirk’s truck. No more driving of his truck till the baby comes, it just scares me too much to have the wheel that close to my belly. At least in the van I can tilt the wheel. But honestly I have little desire to drive at this point. I have reached that point….hah!

Just happy to have reached and passed 36 weeks. It is a milestone I do appreciate a lot. I had Ford at that point and big babies born full term are my goal.

PS: The one thing I did do was cook and bake! I wrote up a bunch of blog posts for the coming weeks as well 🙂




  1. Yikes! What a storm! Thank goodness you didn’t lose power. I usually have to channel my inner Laura Ingells when the power goes out & she’s never happy for some reason.

    Here’s to going full term!

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