Book Review: Cool Tools In The Kitchen

Are you a cooking nerd? A kitchen geek? Do you get excited looking at tools you never knew you needed and then use all the time? Er…that wouldn’t be me. No way. If so, check out Cool Tools In The Kitchen, a new book out in digital format.

Maybe I shouldn’t deny it and just accept it – hah!I put the blame on Kirk though for this. Until I met him my concept of kitchen tools was very limited.Wooden spoons? Fire King mixing bowls? Check. A dough scraper? Why would I need that? An indoor compost bucket? Crazy talk. Silicone baking sheet liners? What, you mean scraping cookies off cookie sheets wasn’t superior?

During our recent internet outage/ice storm I pulled up the digital copy of that had been sent to me to review. And I was in for a pleasant read/drool session. The book is a take on the authors website, Cool Tools, that does daily reader based reviews of a range of items (not just kitchen!). The book is a collection of 81 items ranging from tools to books that many might not know about (unless it so happens one has a techy-geek husband who is always giving his wife presents of unusual kitchen gear (like a silicone wrapped beater blade for a stand mixer? Who knew I’d use it all the time!)

I realized I had at least a third the items in the book by the time I got done reading! And that there were a few items I now will be watching on Amazon for good deals….but as all nodding my head in agreement as I read – for example on page 21 on the review of a Microplane Grater – I can’t imagine not having one now. Citrus zest, nutmeg, chocolate and so forth, becomes tiny shreds quickly. Or page 49 and the heat-conductive ice cream scoop? Worth every dollar to not kill your wrist on hard blocks of ice cream.  And all those items mentioned above – items I now use on a daily basis. Could I exist without them? Of course. But my cooking nd baking would not be at the level it is, nor would it be as easy to do!

Each item reviewed comes with color photos and a description of how the item works. the price and where to find the item for sale. Being a digital book the reader can easily click-through links to take you to the websites (handy, eh?).

Definitely a fun read for those who love to cook and it might give you new items for your shopping wish list!


FTC Disclaimer: We received a copy of this book for potential review.


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