Getting My Rhythm Back!

Finding my way again…after a 12 day “vacation” I had Kirk drive me to the grocery store and I took both Walker and Alistaire in to shop without him. It wasn’t too bad and I survived 😉 Then the next day we went back out, with Ford along as well but no Kirk and I drove for the first time in two weeks (I try to not drive until I feel recovered…just safer for me and everyone else). Then I went to the store to see how it would go without any backup on Day 13. We made it! Dumb I know….but big steps for me! Walker thinks it is fantastic he gets to ride in the main part of the shopping cart…so I’ll take that as a bonus. And I finally fit behind the steering wheel again – super bonus!

Today we went to the doctors, first for a quick checkup of me with my OB and then to the pediatrician for Alistaire’s 2 week appointment. Shocking is the baby gained weight – big babies can lose rather than gain. He is up to 10 lbs 13.5 ounces and has also grown in length and head size. He is in the 96% percentile 🙂 Walker and Ford came with me and were my helpers while Kirk went back to work.

Alistaire today:

Walker has happily moved into his own room and loves that he has all his toys in there. Somehow my “baby” became a big boy overnight. I pick him up and he is so tall! And heavy! Well, at least compared to Alistaire….

Kirk found the cutest circus tent at IKEA for Walker – he can stand up in it and even run around inside:

And the kid’s version of the Poang chair (we have two of the adult ones, they are great for relaxing with babies in or just reading!)

When I took Alistaire to his his first pediatrician appointment I had stopped in at my OB’s office for a checkup of my blood pressure/show off the baby. The lovely receptionists (who are both so nice and friendly, even through nearly 4 years of seeing them!) handed me a slip of paper from Enfamil. The company rep had dropped off a pad of offers where if you called them, they would send 4 boxes of Enfamil Newborn Nursette Ready To Use, 2-Ounce (Pack of 6)! I called and they arrived on Monday via FedEx….wow! Fast and free, my idea of a great deal. The little bottles are really handy to have in the van and for hiking as well (and in the stroller as well). The hospital had given me a bunch of the “one use” nipples/collars when we were there, I saved them (please, they are washable!) so I have a nice stash. It was an even better deal knowing how much those bottles retail for. I am formula feeding Alistaire and I don’t hesitate to ask for samples. At the pediatricians office I scored 3 full size cans of formula (each retails for $14.99!). I had a pretty thrifty week for that! I also made sure I was signed up with each company for coupons (because you never know which one the baby will like best), just as I did with Walker. I always use the coupons to buy the ready to use bottles (making them affordable). I found with Walker that mixing dry formula with water in a bottle didn’t work well when we hiked, especially at altitude. Even at 5,000 or 6,000 feet (at say Mt. Rainier) in alpine, the formula wouldn’t dissolve right. So we started using the ready to drink bottles instead and had no issues.

Found a couple of cute sleep sacks at our local Kid To Kid resale store and then I saw this Sleep n’ Play and had to have it from Carters. So much for not buying more baby clothing for the baby! I was supposed to be looking for toddler clothing but somehow, middle of February and Kohl’s thinks it is summer. No pants, just a million pairs of shorts. Sheesh. Now I have an excuse to visit the Carters store and Gymboree 😉 Darn!

But most of all I am finding myself again. The frantic first days are done. Kirk and I are finding time to sit on the couch for 30 minutes or so in the evening, Walker and Ford in bed and Alistaire in my arms, falling asleep. While Walker and Alistaire nap I clean the house, cook and write. I notice the more I get done, the more whole I feel! That I am getting my rhythm back!




  1. I’m so glad you’re getting back into your rhythm so quickly! Do you find it easier that Walker & Alistaire are closer in age?…
    Love that circus tent for Walker! Natie would love that…I just need to build him a bigger room! 😀

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