Nurturme Baby Food

Walker and I had the chance to try out Nurturme’s dried baby foods recently. I had seen the products at Babiesr’Us awhile back (back last summer or fall) and it had caught my eyes that it had potential. Specifically for parents who travel or have active lifestyles (it is perfect for hiking, camping, backpacking and air travel!)

Crisp Apples:

The apples in dry state:

I mixed the apples with ½ cup of Green Valley Organic Lactose Free vanilla yogurt till smooth –

It was very delicious – even Ford wandered down for taste testing and helped Walker enjoy it:

Crisp Carrots and the flexible spoon (the spoon is great!):

The carrots in dry state:

I mixed up the carrots to directions. You can use 3 to 5 Tablespoons water, breast milk or formula (or even milk) to prepare the dried food. 3 Tablespoons creates a thicker vegetable, perfect for older babies/toddlers. Stir and let it sit for a minute or two for best results:

The vegetables and fruits come back perfectly and rival any in a jar. It isn’t cheap but for convenience it is well worth it. The packets are tiny, flat and easy to pack – and in a pinch you can easily mix them up in a new snack size zip lock bag!


FTC Disclaimer: We received product samples for potential review.


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