Sneak Peek – So Delicious’s New Almond Milk Line

In March Turtle Mountain, the company behind the So Delicious brand, is bringing out a new line of products all made with almond milk. The line will have 3 flavors of almond milk, frozen almond milk ice cream and frozen novelties – all of which are soy free and vegan friendly.

We recently had the awesome job of trying out the new products (it was a hard job I tell you!) and have plenty to say in positive feedback. To put it simply? The products are winners. So Delicious has done well.

So Delicious Almond Milk:

The new milk comes in Unsweetened, Original and Vanilla. We drink almond milk daily in our home, having turned to it from soy milk about 2 years ago. We go through a lot of it, Ford especially loves it (he doesn’t drink dairy milk). So Delicious’s has added protein to their milk, something lacking on other brands and as well they have less sugar and sodium. (How do they do it? It is a fortified milk made with pea and rice protein.) How does it taste? Great! None of us can tell the difference between it and the other 2 brands we normally buy. More so, Ford mentioned many times how much he enjoyed the Vanilla and didn’t notice the drop in sugar. Mission accomplished if teens don’t notice! And at 70 calories a cup it is 20 calories and 7 grams sugar lighter than the competition.

So Delicious Almond Ice Cream:

Coming in 7 flavors we were lucky to get to sample 5 of them: Vanilla, Chocolate, Mocha Almond Fudge, Butter Pecan and Cherry Amaretto (also Cookies N’ Cream and Mint Chip). The Cherry Amaretto is amazing, although Kirk would say the Butter Pecan was his. If served without telling anyone they would never guess it is non-dairy and that 6 of the flavors are gluten-free (all but the cookies n’ cream). It is thick, creamy and has a great mouth feel. It isn’t as sweet as the coconut So Delicious ice cream, which for me was a bonus. But what really works is the texture and flavor. No weird after tastes, it doesn’t taste like “alternative” ice cream nor like hippy fare. It tastes just as you would hope ice cream should! And on the side it isn’t high in fat (2 to 8 grams per serving) and has fiber (5 grams) and is low in sugar. A less guilty guilty-pleasure. From the toddler to Dad to even the cat, everyone enjoyed the ice cream and I loved knowing it was cholesterol free as well.

Mini Frozen Novelties:

But of everything we sampled the Mocha Almond Fudge bars were the item I hid in the freezer hoping to not have to share much. 150 calories a bar and 3 grams fiber, it tastes like a decadent treat but fits into a diet. The chocolate shell cracks when you bite into it, the ice cream is creamy inside. And while they are called Minis, they are plenty big. They are not tiny 2 bite treats but rather a hefty bar.


FTC Disclaimer: We received products for potential review.


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