17 Days

Yesterday was 17 days since I had Alistaire. Wow! It is going so fast it feels at times….

After avoiding the scale for a few days I weighed myself last night and I am 7 lbs from my starting weight back in May/June. I have lost 40 of the 47 lbs which is great news. I was able to put my wedding rings back on last night, which was just great! I had worn them around my neck for the last 5 or 6 weeks. My legs also have quit swelling for the past week so I broke out socks this morning and I can wear normal shows. Funny how the little things in life make one happy 😉 Love being able to wear my walking shoes again! That and I can wear 3 of my pre-pregnancy pants, my maternity pants have been sent to the thrift store – goodbye and good riddance!

I have an appointment next week to change my blood pressure medications, excited I can go back to the ones I used to take and not the anemia causing baby safe ones I have been on for a near 4 years!

And as well…I am sure some have noticed my cooking style is starting to swing back to vegetarian and vegan, my anemia is under control now that I have had the baby and I am craving a LOT less meat. My goal is to get us eating similar to how we were before my last pregnancy – lots of heart healthy veggie-friendly meals!



What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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