All This Anti-Pinterest Talk?

Anyone else reading some of the backlash against Pinterest? Where there are users who are now paranoid they will be sued for pinning another persons website? Jeez. (What am I talking about? Here is one example.) I have to roll my eyes and say “Get over yourself people!” How pathetic is it people must fear being sued simply because you liked something on a website or blog and wanted to share it – and bring others to that persons site! Free advertising and exposure and yet they might feel slighted? Seriously?

Well I can say that I have no issue with people pinning MY works πŸ˜‰ I encourage it! I love seeing in my stats that I have new readers πŸ™‚ Myself? I tend to pin recipes and other items done by people similar to me – I can only hope they enjoy the increased visitors as I do. I can’t imagine giving up getting new ideas and finding blogs I would have never known about…..


PS: My Pinterest boards are here.



  1. People do not always attribute the pin to the original creator or website, or do so inaccurately. Either way, people should technically ask permission to share images before pinning them (I am sometime guilty of not doing this).

    Would you be okay with someone pinning something you created, but you got no recognition for it? It happens all of the time. If my livelihood was photography, but people were using my photos without permission, I would be severely pissed. People often pin things before even visiting the website, if there is an original link provided, which is not always the case. I have had to click through several websites and blogs that “shared” an idea before getting to the original poster. So how would they know whether the pin is helping (in your case) or hurting (in the photographers case), unless they actually made the effort to find out first if they have permission to share it?

    Fair use and copyright laws are kind of a big deal, and Pinterest is blowing it off by reinforcing unreasonable expectations (i.e. “I should have the right to pin anything I want”) and false assumptions about their pinners’ legal responsibility. If you want people to share things on your website, then you should have somewhere in writing on your website that you give permission to everyone who visits and have the authority to do so. Otherwise, people should not assume they can. Actually, it would be very helpful if you (and other bloggers) added a clause like that to your website as to raise the expectations and awareness of Pinterest users about the importance of copyright (but doing so in a positive way that encourages proper pinning).

    • Many bloggers, myself being one of the, have a “use” page. You might want to read it – it lays out everything clearly. Personally I have had NO issues with improper pinning of my works, for any of my blogs or websites.

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