4 Weeks

Alistaire is 4 weeks old today. Where has that time gone? I know I have no clue….

I have lost about 40 to 41 pounds of the 47 I gained and can fit back into most of my regular clothing which really makes me happy. Right before i got pregnant I had done something unusual…I went out and bought a bunch of clothing from Coldwater Creek. Fastest way to get fertility? Buy new clothing that  costs too much…At least it is all like new – hah! Can’t wait for better weather to get here, it has been so cold/rainy and even snowy. I look forward to balmy spring days so I can take the boys out for long walks in the super stroller. That should help work off the remaining weight until I can start going to the gym again (hope I get cleared for working out next week!).

And I am excited….I am in the second week of weaning off my blood pressure medication that I have been on for the past 4 years. As I come off it I can feel my anemia lifting (it is the primary reason I am anemic, pregnancy only made it worse). I am working with my doctor to find meds that work for me, but am happy to have my energy coming back. Only a few more days and I am done with it. Woo!




  1. 4 weeks…already? (faint)

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