Spring Is Nearly Here – Walking Time!

I am so excited for Spring to nearly be here! We are finally getting some nice days for walking once again and I can take Walker and Alistaire out for strolls in their tandem stroller.

We went out yesterday for a trial run, to start getting ready for longer walks and when we got back I went through all the gear I had dumped into the stroller and was embarrassed. My stroller was not ready. Oops. I pride myself on keeping my hiking and walking gear ready to go…and due to my not being able to walk much while pregnant, my stroller kit was badly out of shape! I found expired meals, milk and clothing for Walker 2 sizes too small…lol! Oops indeed! So out came everything and I sorted through it. As a bonus due to it not being a jogger stroller I was able to dump my tire kit (although that wasn’t much of a weight savings I can tell you…pushing 55 lbs of kids plus another 50 or so in gear is a workout!).

After the fiasco last August where Walker’s jogger stroller fell apart on us I had kept the Bob Warm Fuzzy insert and was able to use it with the new stroller – a bonus because now Walker’s back doesn’t get cold when we go out (no liner and toddlers get chilled much faster!). And I can attach his SammySack to the seat bar as well:

For now I have a FullBelly cover over Alistaire:

It works great but the downside is not being water and wind resistant (which the SammySack is). I ordered one of the baby size sacks today for him, I will continue using the FullBelly, just under it, for warmth – it works great as a cozy blanket. That way I have less to worry about when we start doing long trips again, especially with cold winds in the valleys.

The stroller has worked well (outside of a cheap screw falling out second use) but has its limitations. It isn’t a jogger so I am limited to paved paths. For the upcoming months that will be fine as I don’t like taking babies under 6 months on unpaved trails, they bounce too much for my comfort. And the double joggers are all so wide I have fears of them fitting through the poles designed to keep cars off the trails. The nice thing is there are plenty of paved rail to trails where we live. But oh well, it allows me to get outside and get exercise, with the babies along.

Today we walked again, it reached 60 and was blue skies and sunny. The rain will return soon enough so I took them outside to enjoy it. I am working on gaining my hiking legs back after my 5 month hiatus of walking. Slowly I am getting back, I doubled our mileage this afternoon and did two miles. Once the weather is less rainy I am hoping to get back to where I walk to town to get a latte, that is a 5+ mile roundtrip with plenty of hills for working the thighs. What I worry most is getting my feet back into shape, so I don’t get toe blisters, more than anything. The actual walking is easy enough! I want by April to be back up to 10 mile walks or longer so I can be ready to hike this summer with all my boys 🙂




  1. I wish Natie was up for more stoller walks with me. He can’t stand the stroller – I’m dying to get out walking with him. What’s your secret to keep Walker in the stroller? 😦

    • I trained him – just took him a lot when little, but! do you think he’d sit if you made his stroller a nest? Walker’s seat is c-o-z-y! He doesn’t like slumping which happens if he doesn’t have the fleece cozy liner.
      I also bring snacks, drinks, etc along/ Maybe bring a smartphone, a tablet or similar? Or bribe him with “I’ll take you out for ice cream if we go walking”? 😀

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