My Little Ones – Growing Up and New Gear For Our Outdoor Life

Alistaire tuns 6 weeks today! He has been growing a lot, very hungry. His 3 month clothing became tight over night and now he fits into the 3-6 month and most of the 6 month size clothing. I am so grateful I saved all of Walker’s clothing! The only issue is that a lot of Walker’s clothing was for spring and summer as he was born late March and well, it was actually a warm spring that year! It has been so cold here that Alistaire has been living in sleep and plays night and day. Kind of a bummer to see cute outfits go into the “garage sale” box and he never got to wear them! Oh well – still plenty of cute 6 month clothing ahead 😉

From last week:

As I mentioned about it being cold and nasty – we have been having snow every couple days of late! On Sunday Walker got to run out and have fun:

A couple months ago he wasn’t sure about snow, now it is fun to him. He should love it in June and July when we are hiking in alpine and he gets to play on 6 foot deep snow!

Out on Tuesday running around our library 🙂 Our local library was built in the woods, rather than tearing down all the trees and replanting, so lots of play areas for little ones to enjoy!

Walker turns 2 on Saturday as well! I am planning his cupcakes (I am using a recipe from the new Cake Boy cookbook which I have been reading for review). When I look at him and Alistaire together I am constantly reminded what a big boy Walker is now. There is no baby left, he is a little boy!

Playing on Daddy’s camera gear last night:

And now that I am not pregnant and yay, reached 6 weeks, I can exercise again. Love getting that news! Hiking season is nearly here (OK, if it would quit raining/snowing/hailing). I was at Target and came across this:

It is an Eddie Bauer Backpack w/ Harness. Thing is, it is an actual functional backpack that fits a toddler perfectly. The harness’s leash is a bonus if you will…it can clip on or not – good for when you need extra security while hiking. The actual pack though is better made than most “kids packs” are and is affordable at $15. It has a main compartment that zips closed, a water bottle pocket, a front zippered compartment and a little mesh pocket. And the front has two sternum straps (hence making it a harness system) which also means the pack doesn’t shift around on him. He loves it and wants to wear it everywhere! If you want toddlers to love hiking you have to get them gear that looks like mom and dads – and fits them. He gets to carry his winter hat, mittens, sun hat, a juice box and a snack or two. Nothing heavy, but rather he gets used to wearing his own pack 😉 I did that with Ford when he was young, it worked well. I figure I will watch him and when he is ready I will get him jr. trekking poles – but he isn’t ready yet for those. Too tempting/dangerous for him…hah!

Today was glorious weather though! Sunny as can be! So we went for a walk in the morning before naptime. I don’t miss sunny days if I can help it, especially after all the nasty weeks of weather we have had. When Walker was an infant I had seen Sammy Sacks at Stroller Strides – a couple of moms had them for their older toddlers and preschoolers. I bought one that year (2010) in the regular size. It is big, it now is fitting Walker, he will be able to use it for a couple of years. I got thinking about two weeks ago that buying an infant one for Alistaire might be a good idea, and it was. I received it in two days (they are made in Seattle!). It fit the car seat perfectly, I was amazed at how well it worked. Now I can take him out and not worry about the wind and rain as much. It fits like a boot over the seat and stays on. It can also be used for his Bjorn carriers to keep him warm and dry this spring and summer and as well, when older (like above 6 months) he can wear it over him in the stroller. I went the cheap route and got one of the on-sale prints (flames). Walker has the Blue Hawaiian. They might seem pricey but I can tell you they are worth the cost 0 a dry and warm baby or child is a happy one when going strolling or in a front carrier – especially if it is windy.

Walker with his on:

Alistaire with his:

My boys:

Walker agrees – if you want happy little ones when strolling, make their strollers into cozy little caves! Warm backs, toes and bodies make for happy tikes 🙂




  1. What gorgeous children!

  2. I’m so excited that Walker has his own pack now! So cute. Maybe by the time Alistaire gets his first pack, I’ll be around to go hiking with your “crew” again!

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