Amazing Nut Butters – Wilderness Poets

Back in October I had written a post on my Trailcooking blog about the fantastic green goodness I found – Wilderness Poets Pistachio Butter. The stuff is amazing. It is horribly expensive and worth every penny you pay!

I was 4 and a half months pregnant with Alistaire and the rest of my pregnancy I craved it.

Did I mention HOW amazing it was??

This morning I was very excited at Seattle’s VegFest to meet one of the owners, John, in person. Just a very nice man, it was great to see one of the faces of the company. I got the chance to try another product, their Pecan Butter:

Velvety, indulgent and so tasty! I won’t lie – it isn’t cheap but it is worth it. Somehow a jar came home with me….


PS: VegFest is so much fun and was even better this year! I try to get there every year – there are so many foods to try! $8 gets you in and covers it all. Another $22 buys a massive bag of food and coupons (many freebie coupons) plus a year sub to Vegetarian Times. I never pass up on that. The Fest runs through tomorrow – go if you can – even if you are a flex eater like us. There is just so much to try! (And so many reviews to come in the future)


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