Not So Little Boys

Walker had his 2 year checkup yesterday morning and I wasn’t shocked. He was 97% percentile for both height and head size (37″ tall and 20 ¼” head circumference) and 63% for weight. Meaning he is my strong not-so-little man! Alisatire goes in a week or so for his 2 month appointment, it should be interesting to see how big he is as well. The boys have the same pediatrician and he mentioned looking at the baby that “wow, he is a big boy!”. Yes, I know. I produce big strong Scottish lads! Or maybe Kirk had more to do with that 😀 Those boys look just like him!

A typical day for Walker – running around.

Alistaire taking a wee nap:

Walker checking out the playground at our health clinic. They are in the process of building a hospital (finally) for us here, the emergency room opens next week. I hope the playground doesn’t disappear though, it is a great treat for Walker after shots!

This was the first time he was old enough to truly enjoy playing on it!

He had a lot of fun running around. We got fortunate and had a break in rain for a few minutes….

Ooh! Bottom of the slide!



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