An Intense Week

A busy and intense week to say the least. Alistaire had his 2 month checkup on Monday, which Walker and I took him to.

Walker having fun in the office (and probably glad it wasn’t him getting poked):

Little man? He is a big boy! 14 lbs and 24.41″ long:

His pediatrician heard a heart murmur he hadn’t heard before so we were sent to Seattle Children’s Cardiology unit in Tacoma on Thursday to have him checked out. The good news is he is OK. He does have a Still’s Murmur but it isn’t anything to worry about.The pediatric cardiology office is an amazing place – not a place one wants to visit but I am grateful it is there. They did an EKG and an ultrasound on his heart (the wand was so tiny) and he slept through the US, nestled on a cozy pile of pillows and blankets! But I won’t lie, it was very stressful waiting for him to be seen. Again, I am grateful that the doctors cared enough to check him out just to be sure. And thankful for state of the art technology. For what could be a rather depressing office it was cheerily decorated and easy to use.

With Daddy in the office:

On a happier note, on Tuesday I got out with my friend Tori and her daughter for a walk on the Soos Creek Trail not far from my house. For as long as I have lived here somehow I had never done Soos Creek. Not sure why either. It is paved but isn’t flat like the rail to trails out here – lots of little hills, weaves in and out of forest, open stretches and even little ponds which had ducks. There was even a picnic table at the pond and we had lunch there while Walker had fun running around.

Here he was trapped in the BOB Duallie with Alistaire, while Tori nursed her baby out of sight on a park bench along the trail (handy when you have infants!).

Tori was due before me, but somehow I had Alistaire before her. She is a week or so younger than him. It was so neat when I found out Tori was expecting the same time as me, we have hiked together for a long time – we met on a ladies hiking trip even! She has a BOB as well. It’ll be fun when they are a little older and we can take them on real trails with the BOB’s. Walker loves that…..

We got about 6.5 miles in, a nice walk.

Walker having an applesauce pouch while on the run….I have been giving Walker DHA lately (he had been getting it in his multi-vitamins but I changed types). Brainstrong had sent me samples of the toddler and kid products, he loves the kid’s gummies. I started him on natural gummie vitamins quite a while back and he chews them well. The toddler version of the DHA is a tiny tube of powder you add to food or drink but nope, he wants the “big boy” ones! We are also trying out prototypes of the new DipaerPod as well this week. They are a very interesting concept. A diaper and a trash bag all in one? Perfect for hiking and long stroller walks….

Alistaire is taking to Buggy and Birdy – Walker showed him how to play with them – and he is fascinated/bats at them.

Last but not least? Smiling like crazy this morning!

May the weekend be mellow!




  1. Look at that happy smile!

  2. OMG!! Sarah, the boys are just too cute! I am so glad that the baby is okay and that it was nothing serious….I know how scary that can be . My second son spencer (now 27 and very healthy thank God) was born with a heart murmer that closed by the time he was about two. Enjoy !!

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